Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Dear Reading Diary 1: Heinz!

So i´m reading the auto-biography of the philosopher,physicist and  so called constructivist Heinz Von Foerster these days:
"Teil der Welt. Fraktale einer Ethik"
(Don´t know the english title. If we translate it´s something like "part of the world- fractals of an ethic")

This book is great fun, as Heinz doesn´t speak in the used complicated way you´d expect from a famous philosopher and graduate.
It´s partly a book about ethics, constructivism and cybernetics on the one hand,
and the life of Heinz on the other hand.
To be a bit more precise, it´s more about the impossibility to make a clear definition of ethics.
Why it´s impossible to define ethics in an objective way which is effectual for everyone Heinz makes clearer throughout the book. He does so not by building huge logical thought-strongholds as you first might be afraid of ,but instead, after an introductorily more theoretical part, tells us the stories of his life. about his experiences and developments which lead him to his way of thinking and interpreting the world and ethics.

I´m halfway through with the book at this point,  and  strongly recommend it to every human being able to read.
This is one of the books which can change a small part of your life, or it can change everything, depending on how you receive it. If you never heard of constructivism before (which isn´t requiered) it may be like awakening from the matrix- you might have been used to see the world from one certain perspective and learn that everything could be completely different.
If you adapt this way of thinking, if you become friends with the way of constructive thinking is your own decision after all of course.
Just to know about the possibility that this way of thinking exists and to understand how it is founded makes living more worthy; your horizont broadens, you feel excitement just through those thougts.

Throughout the next time i want to summarize little parts of the book, not by touching the stories of Heinz but trying to put some of his main thougts in my own words.

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