Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Dear Reading Diary 5


Another undecidable question is the beginning of the universe, in the opinion of Heinz.
He sais the universe always was there and we can only decide to tell stories about it´s creation in a cultural frame.
This frame can be religion. If you look through that frame, you say: "God created the world in seven days (and hid the Dinosaur bones between day five and six)."
Physicists will tell the story of the Big Bang. Proof? It´s a story as well, after all. Science is, after it crossed a certain border, in the realm of believe as well.
Others say the universe is carried on the shell of a giant turtoise. All theories have in common that they are stories within cultural frames.

The universe can´t as well not be predictable, as it´s no trivial machine. because it has the nontrivial element of humans in it. As I can´t make any preciction about me or other people I can´t foresee the future of the universe.

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